Our First Charity Tea party! Sunday 17th April 2011 London, UK

Dear Tea Lovers!

Please forgive me such a terribly short notice! but only at the very last minute  a fantastic venue: Bonnigton Cafe in London, UK agreed to host a tiny first Charity Tea Party (on the belated occasion of my birthday:)). Emeyu teas (www.emeyu.com) agreed to donate some amazing teas and i shall make some cakes 🙂 – all to support the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Relief fund:


Teas will be sold for 2.00 £ per person/mug, and cakes 2.00 £ per person / piece.

I will be serving the most delicious Emeyu  teas & and answering any tea related questions :-)!

In the menu we shall have:

* Eight butterflies: fantastic mix of Japanese green tea sencha, with cranberry & rose petals

* Pu erh chai: renowned for its slimming properties pu erh tea, mixed with a.o cardamom, liquorice and fennel

* Organic Earl grey – a great organic version of the all time classic

* Summer Bird – cooling and light melange of peppermint, lemongrass and lavender

* Organic English breakfast – organic high quality version of malty classic breakfast tea

Organic Red Berries – a fruity infusion made only of organic dry fruit


WE START 3.00 PM AND END 6.30ISH LATEST  (as the venue will have to prepare for evening meal)

There may be live music afterwards  (tbc), if not – we ll just move to a pub nearby :)!

Address:  Bonnington Cafe
11 Vauxhall Grove  Lambeth, Greater London SW8 1, UK

Looking forward to seeing you all there 🙂

Yours Tea-fully –



Let’s celebrate London! “Big Smoke” by Postcard Teas – Tea of the month March 2011

My dearest Tea folk of the world!  🙂

March, March oh March! Here it is, here it came… March!  Already??! I thought the year has barely just began! 🙂 How time flies indeed….  March, oh March – my “waiting month” as I used to call it long time ago, in my teenage years 🙂 , because my birthday happen to be at the very end of it. (Well, with years, I started avoiding that day, rather than anxiously waiting for it… 😉 you get me, right? 😉 The joys of getting older 😉 ) March, oh joyful March! I think everyone could actually call it a “waiting month” because we all are impatiently waiting for Spring! Especially here in London, UK, where sadly there is not much sunshine around through the year :(, (or at least definitely not enough for me :)) and Spring is the time when we can finally, after months of gloom, slowly, day after day, start enjoying London the most 🙂 : in its parks, and cafes, and bridges!(and that sunshine bonanza will hopefully last until October.. ok, I may be a bit too optimistic here 😉 ).  To celebrate London, I chose “Big Smoke” from Postcard Teas as our March 2011 Tea of the month. After weeks of preparation, detox and herbal help, we have deserved a decent cup of strong black tea:

For those of you, my dearest readers, who do not live in London, UK, I would like to add that  apparently the nickname “Big Smoke” is actually also used when referring to  Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver  and Mexico ( though my Aussie housemate was quite surprised to have learned that 🙂 Any of you who can confirm  that “Big Smoke” is indeed a much more internationally used term? ).

And  “Big smoke” tea is such a delicious unique blend of fine Darjeeling with a very special tea from small (100 acre only) Handunugoda estate in the south of Sri Lanka smoked over cinnamon wood that I sincerely hope it can be enjoyed in every city in the world! :).  It may well be the only cinnamon wood smoked tea  in the world 🙂 – a very particular way of processing tea for this fabulous blend  gives it a very strong smoky sweet taste and aroma. Truly superb infusion!  Gives me a great ‘kick’ at the start of a March day right before my walk along London busy streets 🙂 !

Enjoy! 🙂



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