Our First Charity Tea party! Sunday 17th April 2011 London, UK

Dear Tea Lovers!

Please forgive me such a terribly short notice! but only at the very last minute  a fantastic venue: Bonnigton Cafe in London, UK agreed to host a tiny first Charity Tea Party (on the belated occasion of my birthday:)). Emeyu teas (www.emeyu.com) agreed to donate some amazing teas and i shall make some cakes 🙂 – all to support the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Relief fund:


Teas will be sold for 2.00 £ per person/mug, and cakes 2.00 £ per person / piece.

I will be serving the most delicious Emeyu  teas & and answering any tea related questions :-)!

In the menu we shall have:

* Eight butterflies: fantastic mix of Japanese green tea sencha, with cranberry & rose petals

* Pu erh chai: renowned for its slimming properties pu erh tea, mixed with a.o cardamom, liquorice and fennel

* Organic Earl grey – a great organic version of the all time classic

* Summer Bird – cooling and light melange of peppermint, lemongrass and lavender

* Organic English breakfast – organic high quality version of malty classic breakfast tea

Organic Red Berries – a fruity infusion made only of organic dry fruit


WE START 3.00 PM AND END 6.30ISH LATEST  (as the venue will have to prepare for evening meal)

There may be live music afterwards  (tbc), if not – we ll just move to a pub nearby :)!

Address:  Bonnington Cafe
11 Vauxhall Grove  Lambeth, Greater London SW8 1, UK

Looking forward to seeing you all there 🙂

Yours Tea-fully –



Tea thank you :) & sample sets for the Blog subscribers :-))

Hello Hello 🙂

This is just a short note to say  A HUMONGOUS THANK YOU 🙂

to those who have subscribed to the Blog! 🙂

They will be sent sets of highest quality tea samples & unique muslin cotton tea bags by Emeyu who sent them to me to distribute among the faithful Tea Folk 🙂 (www.emeyu.com)

Enjoy!!! 🙂

& thank you once again! 🙂

More prizes to come!  so … subscribe today :-))

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Flying like a SUMMER BIRD :) Tea of the week w/e 3rd Oct 2010: refreshing herbal fantasia: Summer bird by Emeyu

Oct 2nd 2010

Dear Tea-shionistas 🙂

As we all have surely noticed (especially in the very non-sunny UK 😉 ) our beloved season: summer has  ended 😦 ! We have all either just returned from (even the shortest, like in my case 🙂 ) or (some lucky ones left) are going soon on  HOLIDAYS… where will or have at least been trying to recharge our batteries & forget about work, stress, and  problems.

Helas, often in life all good things end far too! quickly and today, at the beginning of October, only weeks from the summer madness , we can barely remember the sun, the fun, the joy and the memories…

And we have so much too much of the rain, rain, rain…

That is why I chose a very summer-y blend as TEA OF THE WEEK 🙂 for the beginning of Autumn. “Summer bird” by Emeyu is a fantastic light herbal blend of lemongrass, lavender and peppermint which will help you unwind after hours in meetings, & remind you the summer breeze & holiday moments of fun & pleasure!

It is 100 % herbal! therefore has no caffeine! so you can enjoy it even right before going to bed or while having a hot bath 🙂 ( my favourite place for a cuppa! 🙂 & the peppermint will help to shed some unnecessary pounds 😉 & ease digestion after late Autumn dinners and all those boring business networking events! 😉

It contains also lavender (famous for its calming properties) but probably the most known (especially in Asia) herb of the three musketeers ingredients 🙂 is lemon grass.

Used for centuries in kitchen, bedroom, and medicine – well,  practically everywhere due to its most practical  qualities 🙂 this multifunctional yet humble plant deserves your full attention! If you have ever visited tropical climates of South-East Asia (where it’s called ‘ fever grass’ due to one more characteristic : fighting a cold/ fever) or Africa you must have noticed local lemongrass balms & tinctures used to repel insects (much! healthier alternative to DEET sprays that  very often cause allergic reaction).  So will your cup of tea deter flies from the kitchen? it may well do that 🙂 but more importantly, similarly to peppermint, it will help in digestion 🙂 as its extract “calms spasmodic abdominal muscles to allows for downward passage of food through the digestive tract” (to say it in  a more appetising way – it will help you feel better after a sumptous meal 🙂 ). What is more important, especially in Autumn when we all lack sunshine, and our moods suffer, although lemongrass tastes fresh & zesty (as the name suggests! 🙂 ) , the oil made from it & the lemongrass tea provides a soothing effect and is used in aromatherapy as a sedative & antidepressant!

So the most ingenious combination of lavender (who does not know that lavender helps to relax? hands up? :-), gut-soothing peppermint & all around marvelous lemongrass make SUMMER BIRD a wonderful brew for long rainy October evenings!

Enjoy : -)  & fly away! 🙂


Summer Bird is available online at www.emeyu.com & also in tea bags (for catering only) individually packed in the signature Emeyu green boxes.

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With a very suggestive name that matches the quality at 100 % Emeyu’s Leaping Tiger – Tea of week w/e 15th Aug 2010

Aug 13th 2010

Dear Tea People 🙂

Summer is at its peak ! and we are all trying to make the utterMOST of it! while travelling, dancing, playing, swimming, hiking, climbing, waterskiing, diving, visiting friends, taking pictures, and doing many many many other exciting things incl.perhaps LEAPING too 🙂 over a fence? over an obstacle? ( methaporical one? ) over.. ? 🙂

So to keep up with all the energetic fantastic activities you are trying out this summer, I chose LEAPING TIGER – a very delicate refreshing & smooth white tea from Emeyu.

Apart  from the famous Pai Mu tan, one of the most renowned & widely drunk white teas, it contains marigold flowers and .. MANGO! which adds a joyful fruity kick 🙂 to this subtle blend & makes it very summery 🙂 & its name is just too great, right?! 🙂

My new nick-name: so appropriate: LEAPING TIGER ! 🙂 yeah!


Any picturs, comments, stories of you LEAPING across anything, or enjoying a cup of LEAPING TIGER – most welcome! 🙂


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