Tea Bag nail rescue :))) yes, you can save your nail with a help of a TEA BAG!! :)

I always knew Tea is great for all! For all problems, and all sadness, and all worries, and all joys!

Yet, even I, a selfconfessed tea maniac :), had no idea that you can save your torn nail using a tea bag :).

I can’t believe i am saying that but…. Thank you 🙂 Daily Mail ;-).

More information here:  (it does not allow me to copy and paste the picture)


Good luck 🙂

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Let’s celebrate London! “Big Smoke” by Postcard Teas – Tea of the month March 2011

My dearest Tea folk of the world!  🙂

March, March oh March! Here it is, here it came… March!  Already??! I thought the year has barely just began! 🙂 How time flies indeed….  March, oh March – my “waiting month” as I used to call it long time ago, in my teenage years 🙂 , because my birthday happen to be at the very end of it. (Well, with years, I started avoiding that day, rather than anxiously waiting for it… 😉 you get me, right? 😉 The joys of getting older 😉 ) March, oh joyful March! I think everyone could actually call it a “waiting month” because we all are impatiently waiting for Spring! Especially here in London, UK, where sadly there is not much sunshine around through the year :(, (or at least definitely not enough for me :)) and Spring is the time when we can finally, after months of gloom, slowly, day after day, start enjoying London the most 🙂 : in its parks, and cafes, and bridges!(and that sunshine bonanza will hopefully last until October.. ok, I may be a bit too optimistic here 😉 ).  To celebrate London, I chose “Big Smoke” from Postcard Teas as our March 2011 Tea of the month. After weeks of preparation, detox and herbal help, we have deserved a decent cup of strong black tea:

For those of you, my dearest readers, who do not live in London, UK, I would like to add that  apparently the nickname “Big Smoke” is actually also used when referring to  Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver  and Mexico ( though my Aussie housemate was quite surprised to have learned that 🙂 Any of you who can confirm  that “Big Smoke” is indeed a much more internationally used term? ).

And  “Big smoke” tea is such a delicious unique blend of fine Darjeeling with a very special tea from small (100 acre only) Handunugoda estate in the south of Sri Lanka smoked over cinnamon wood that I sincerely hope it can be enjoyed in every city in the world! :).  It may well be the only cinnamon wood smoked tea  in the world 🙂 – a very particular way of processing tea for this fabulous blend  gives it a very strong smoky sweet taste and aroma. Truly superb infusion!  Gives me a great ‘kick’ at the start of a March day right before my walk along London busy streets 🙂 !

Enjoy! 🙂



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A totally super-duper cute tea gift idea :) esp. for couples :)

Hello my dear Tea Fans United 🙂

After browsing for tea gift ideas for our Valentine Special (see February posts), I internet-ly 🙂 ‘bumped into’ that link:

http://www.favorsandflowers.com/travel-tea-tins-collection.htm offering personalised tea tins 🙂 for your very special occasion :).

I absolutely LOVE the idea of giving away a custom-designed tins  with  tea to the guests at my very special event :), though i must admit, i do not like the bag side of it i.e. of course i prerer loose leaf tea 🙂 ( don’t we all? 🙂 ) but if they are made of cotton e.g,  and provide good tea circulation in a cup :), and most importantly contain some superb tea inside, I am  a tea tin convert 🙂 & fan! What a fantastic idea to cherish special moments and re-vive them later, once again, over a cup of that very special tea? 🙂

what do you think? 🙂 any other unusual wedding / gift tea ideas you have come across?

Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome :-).


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Fantastic Yumchaa Competition!! 9 Yumchaa vouchers to be won!!

Hello Hello again 🙂

Yumchaa Teas, the producer of our February tea of the month, have sent us some fantastic vouchers to be given away in our mini Yumchaa competition!

I have 9 !!!! of them ! 9 fabulous vouchers entitling the holder to FREE delivery on all online orders, and most importantly a FREE pot of tea at any Yumchaa  London tea shops 🙂 ( tea pot to drink, that is 🙂 ).

1 simple question: “Tranquility”  our February tea of the month is a mixture of White tea, lavender, lemon grass and what other herb?

Email me by 25th of March  to win yourself a voucher :)!

Good luck 🙂


sponsored by http://www.yumchaa.co.uk/

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After stresses of winter let’s DETOX & get some ‘Tranquility’ :) – Tea of the month February 2011 – by Yumchaa

My dear Tea Drinkers All Around the World 🙂

After months of cold and wind and darkness and very miserable, sad, gloomy weather, finally , in mid February, we can smile to some tiny shy rays of  sunshine 🙂 outside & enjoy some warmer days! 🙂  – in the UK that is;  yet i hope those of you, my dear readers, who are outside the UK i.e. in Poland, France, Russia, China, USA etc  – well, hopefully all around the world 🙂   can also despite a perhaps colder climate zone, enjoy some warmer sunny days & some beginnings of Spring 🙂

(and those of you in the tropics – I hope you’ll enjoy our star Tea of the month served as ice tea : ))

Spring, spring, spring! And oh what many joys it can bring:) :  sunshine, laughter, lighter coats, more smiles, more days outside, more fun outside.  February is the month of transition: cold is still with us, but days are longer, sunshine visits us more often, flower buds start to appear: timidly, through remains of snow, despite cold wind, but still we can see around us tiny  signposts of new season and new life. However, to truly  and fully  enjoy Spring  we need to prepare our winter-tired organisms. One of the  best ways to do it is to DETOX them   &  get rid of remains of our Christmas / New Year binging :).

Any type of tea is good for detoxing because any tea (from the tea plant, camellia sinensis, that is) contains a lot of antioxidants that help us fight free radicals in our bodies (see our January post for more pictorial explanation 🙂 of that phenomenon ). White tea is the least processed form of tea: the buds ( mixed with leaves in lowest grades of white tea) are only dried in the sun, rather than steamed or fired to stop the oxidation process, and so white tea is believed by many to contain the least amount of caffeine  (even though, of course, it all depends and some white teas can have as much caffeine as some green teas…). As it is rich in antioxidants, and gentle in taste 🙂 white tea is a fantastic detox help :). That’s why, for February Tea I chose Yumchaa’s Tranquility:  White tea Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) mixed with camomile, lavender and lemon grass.

It will not only help you ‘clean up’  internally 🙂 after winter, but also thanks to its herbal ingredients. In some previous posts I listed the most fantastic properties of lemongrass. This time I would like to focus on LAVENDER: We know it from our grandma’s gardens, and from washing powder advertisements on TV. Yet, do we make the most of this humble shrub present in our households for centuries? Lavender is famous for its relaxation properties: it is often used in aromatherapy to treat insomnia, anxiety, and stress related ailments. However, many forget that it can also help in the cases of … flatulence 🙂  as it helps to fight upset stomach, colic, and bowel infections. Similarly to lemon grass (often called ‘ fevergrass’) lavender can alleviate colds, bronchitis, fever or other ailments of the respiratory system. Lavender vinegar (yes, vinegar! I know, I also thought I knew all about the ubiquitous lavender :), and yet…)  is great for a massage ( rheumatic pain ) and  also, thanks to its antiseptic qualities, can serve as a natural spot treatment for blemishes.  Lavender tea can also be  used as a hair rinse to stop hair loss & fight dandruff. But (sadly there nearly always has to be a ‘but’) beware if you are pregnant or breastfeeding: some sources suggest that lavender extract can cause harm to your unborn baby, so just in case, if you can, try to avoid it. It is also not recommended for people suffering from hypertension, or those who happen to be allergic to lavender oil (it may happen indeed…).  I personally think that probably only large quantities of lavender, or any other supposedly harmful plant can indeed be harmful, but it is always better to be careful, and safe, than sorry. (On that note, one useful link for all pregnant ladies among tea lovers is http://www.babycenter.com/0_herbal-teas-during-pregnancy_3537.bc – as you can see lavender is not mentioned here, but some other sources suggested it may indeed cause harm to your precious miracle waiting to be born).

If you would like to find out even more about the most sensational, known yet undiscovered Miss  Lavender  🙂 I recommend clicking on http://www.superbherbs.net/lavender.htm.

And for those in warmer hemispheres, do bear in mind that white tea has long been believed to have a cooling effect  🙂 both in  its hot and ice form :).  Therefore,  I truly hope that, our Tea of the Month, my dear Tea  readers, will be cherished and enjoyed irrespective of where you are :). (check out http://www.yumchaa.co.uk/ to buy some ‘Tranquility’) .



PS. Some good high-street detox ‘near-equivalent’ or “Tranquility” is Twinings “Morning Detox” ( around 2£ for 20 bags of lemon verbena (see last year’s teas of the week), lime flowers, milk thistle, peppermint and liquorice root. To be avoided in pregnancy.

And when no one can see you, in the secrecy of your hot bath, after hours of detoxation, do try Teapigs’ Chocolate flake tea –  we all need to ‘sin’ every now and then :).


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Maja’s Tea Articles in the Superfantastic Lejdiz Magazine – the only glossy mag for Polish women in UK :)

Hello Hello my dear readers 🙂

Some of you have noticed that my tea stories now also appear in print in the new magazine called’ Lejdiz’ !

This  fantastic publication is the first glossy written specifically & only 🙂  for Polish women in the UK! 🙂  Quite a large crowd, it appears :)!  As i was born in Poland, one of the languages I speak is Polish and so I am very very happy & honoured that I can share my tea discoveries on the pages of this fantastic mag!

It is distributed in shops with Polish food all over the UK – let me know if you would like to find a copy! near you :)!

Their website is: http://www.lejdizmagazine.co.uk/ & a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lejdiz-magazine/134723193224283.

Enjoy 🙂  -Milego czytania 🙂

Yours  –

Petal 🙂

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Valentine’s Day Special – Last minute gift ideas for your Special Someone :) ( i won’t tell them you forgot :-)

Dear Tea Maniacs United 🙂

As you may have noticed from the amount of sugary sweet, red-heart decorations all over nearly every shop, café, restaurant or even a newsagent around, the Valentines Day (also, by those who are either not in a relationship, or just simply annoyed by the quantities of all the (fake?) love in the air, called   ‘The Single Awareness Day’:) ) is coming soon.. The window displays covered in cards, heart-shaped champagne glasses, chocolates in all forms, candles and massage oils, jump at you from every corner reminding you that very, very soon you should be prepared to present & graciously give away 🙂 a ‘love-ly’ 🙂 special  gift to your even more special someone… Tough one, I know! You haven’t bought anything yet?? No WAY?!!  🙂 Don’t despair though – I’ll help you, my dear  (very, very special :)) Tea Folks. Below my humble suggestions for some Valentine Gift Tea Ideas 🙂

Whittard of Chelsea, probably the most known tea & coffee shop in the UK ( which sadly does not necessarily mean ‘ the best ‘ one.. ) offers some basic gift ideas such as Teas of The World set,  or a Tea for One hamper (hm.. why would you give someone a ‘tea for one’ set for Valentines? Whittard guys, have you really thought that one through? 🙂 ). Yet, despite some I must admit rather uninspiring array of gifts, I  really liked a very basic yet most definitely cute 🙂 tube-map covered tin with 40  English breakfast tea bags inside.

Yes, I do agree – the quality of tea inside the tin could be a bit better ;), but it would for sure joyfully embellish your loved one’s kitchen & make them think of you every time they rushed to the tube in the morning crazy hour drinking their cuppa :)!

But, do not despair, my valentine-stricken friends!  if the tube is something you d rather avoid on your valentine gift :)!

There is much more on offer from less known, yet – I dare say – much more imaginative tea suppliers!

Emeyu’s Tea Library is such a fantastic gift idea that it can boast Claudia Schiffer to be amongst its fans. I share Claudia’s enthusiasm on that one! In a nutshell, it allows you to create a personalised tea collection for your Other Significant Half.  Apart from packing teas of your choice in Emeyu’s famous green boxes, they will also print the names you invented of the tea  you picked or/and a special message inside!  Or, if 4 boxes seems a little too much, pick the “two in one” i.e. “Two carefully selected, perfectly matched teas in Emeyu signature gift box

And if your Special Someone is as big and incurable tea maniac as I am :), you can even surprise them with  a subscription to Emeyu tea club – there are two options to choose, but what counts is that in each of them  Club Members get the privilege of tasting new exciting and very rare teas, learning something new about our most beloved drink!  (http://www.emeyu.com/teaclub/) What a treat indeed! 🙂

Truly sumptuous feast of  tea gifts is available from Tea Palace!

There is even a special Valentine section full of heart-shaped or heart-covered  or heart- something  else 🙂 bowls, mugs, and cake stands, including yes even a tea infuser with  a heart in it! (innit? 🙂 )

Even though, as I am guessing like most of you 😉 , I am a bit heart-sick at that special February time, I must say I did like their cute-little-pink-heart-covered tea-pot by Nina Cambpell.

You can also browse their gift collection, by the addressee (for him / for her) or by price. There are not only traditional tea accessories to choose from, but also tea scented candles, heart-shaped (yes, again.. you have to forgive them 🙂 just this one time… 😉 ) teas (black with rose petals), or mega-cutely packed collections of  samples.

However, the gift I liked the most at Tea Palace is their bespoke blend creation service – you can order a very special Valentine infusion depending on what spice or herb or tea type is most enjoyed by your dear one :)!

The best usually comes at the very end!  🙂 My top tea gift idea comes from Tea Pigs.

I must say I am genuinely impressed by their choice of mugs, cups and other tea-related gift products. Apart from a large list of wonderful teas to choose from, you can also pick  for your Valentine a duo of tea & a tea infused candle, or  a colourful & unique set of oriental themed cups in a box.

…. or my favourite amongst the crockery –   “ Love bird gift set” – “2 lovebird design cups with a wooden lid and a matching tray. Perfect for having a cup of teapigs tea with a friend. “ – I could not describe it better myself :).

Yet, on top of all that, the best gift of all : Charity donation for an orphanage in Rwanda. “ It costs just 49p per day to feed, clothe, shelter and educate each child in the orphanage” .  So, to every order, you can add multiples of 49p and spread the Valentine’s Day love much farther than your very special someone! Well done Tea Pigs! 🙂

I hope this little summary will help you find a most unique gift for the most unique & important person in your life, or  if you do not have them – yet! – in your life – it will make looking for a friend’s birthday present a tiny bit easier, or – which is equally important – give you ideas to make a special present to the very special YOU! 🙂

With a valentine cheer –

Your Petal  🙂

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Let’s strengthen our winter-hurt bodies by the power of Green Tea – Japanese Bancha by Tea Palace – Tea of the month – January 2011

January 14th 2011

Dear Tea Aficionados  🙂

Please accept my belated wishes for a blessed & joyful Happy New Year! 🙂 🙂 🙂

May it bring the fulfillment of your most secret dreams ! & a lot of smiles on your faces :)!

I beg you to accept my apologies for such a break  😦  in posting! which was caused by an extremely busy end of the year & a serious back injury (a very naughty disc which every now and then makes it nearly impossible to sit & type 😦 ). To prevent such delays in future, I have now left my job & become a FREE-lancer, and I solemnly promise you never ever fail your dearest blog-readership needs! 🙂

I’ve decided  I will now chose a special Tea every month, (not every week) & write about it in a bit more depth, yet add some extra tips, ideas, recipes etc every week or even every day  🙂 whenever possible 🙂 to give you some tea inspiration as often as possible!

We start a year with a tea that will help your weakened bodies, after months of cold & wind of winter, get back their ‘mojo’ s 🙂  & kick off the new year with new strength & energy! Remember Benjamin Franklin who told us to eat many many  apples because “ an apple a day (supposedly :)) keeps the doctor away” ? (Benjamin , but what if  I actually fancy doctors, like dr Mc Dreamy for example 🙂  and do not want them to be away at all? Ha? 🙂 )

Well, what if I told you that One, yes just one! O – N- E single cup of green tea contains 200 milligrams of catechins (a form of antioxidants), which equals to….. 8 apples!!!  ( Not bad, Benjamin, you have to admit:) ) & has greater antioxidant effect than.. serving a broccoli! (as tasty as it is :)).

But, why Maja – you’d ask – why  we need antioxidants at all?  A simple answer:  to fight the bad guys i.e. free radicals present nearly everywhere  & causing damage to cells and DNA and therefore believed to be responsible for cancers and other health problems, including aging. Antioxidants help us by neutralizing the free radicals. This is obviously a very simplified explanation :). If you want to understand it better in all the scientific details, I recommend clicking on http://www.healthchecksystems.com/antioxid.htm. If you, however want only grasp the bigger picture, well I have a bigger picture for you:

So now, knowing that you need antioxidants to battle the nasty and evil free radicals, what would you say for a cup of green tea if you knew that just 1 gram!! of it contains as much as 127 milligrams of catechins, while 100 grams of dark chocolate has only 54 milligrams of them?  (sorry chocolate, i like you too but…. 🙂 ) .  Thanks to  green tea’s high content of antioxidants, “it  reduces fat absorption, eliminates toxins from the liver, increases your metabolism and improves the appearance of your skin”. (emeyu.com). That is why, my tea darlings :), I would like to recommend to you, in these cruel cold windy months, a cup of JAPANESE BANCHA from Tea Palace.

Japanese Bancha is harvested from the ‘second flush’ which means picked at the end of the season  in late summer.  Bancha’s leaves are older and therefore coarse & much larger than leaves of other green teas (It is even sometimes called a ‘three year old tea” as leaves used for its production can be that old). Because of its age, Bancha is considered one of the lowest cheapest grades of tea (making it an everyday drink in the country of Cherry Blossoms :)), but that does not mean low quality, oh no! Bancha has a very unique flavour, a delicate grassy smooth taste, and is still rich with helpful antioxidants; and because leaves are older &  Bancha can also contain some stalks or stems, it has less caffeine then the finer grades of tea, and tastes milder – so mild that Japanese parents reportedly serve it to their children (any Japanese readers out there? Please confirm if that is true indeed 🙂 while I shall ask my Japanese friends about that & report my findings to you very soon :)). Japanese green teas look and taste different as, in contract to teas in China, they are not  pan-fired but steamed.

You can clearly notice the difference in shape and colour comparing Bancha leaves to e.g. gunpowder – Japanese green teas look more like grass, and indeed have a very pleasant delicate grassy taste. There is  no shade of bitterness ( I am saddened  every time I hear someone “does not like green tea because it s bitter” 😦 –  it should never ever be deeply bitter, unless it is brewed too long.. 😦 )  – Bancha is a great afternoon drink with a fine, light and clean flavour. Experts recommend brewing it in water not hotter than 80 degrees Celsius, and advise to add it to your menu if you are on a microbiotic diet.

I read somewhere that “A 2006 study showed that elderly Japanese people who drank more than 2 cups of green tea a day had a 50% lower chance of cognitive impairment than those who drank less green tea, or who consumed other tested beverages”. Sounds very over-educated, I know :). Well, for me it ‘s enough to know that it is super tasty  :)!

Enjoy 🙂

P.S and if you want to find some high street form of the super-good antioxidants, try QI organic fair trade (Chinese) green tea with Ginkgo Biloba famous for boosting our brain’s performance :). 

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After stresses of the week, let’s relax (and cure hangover!:) by a cup of Verbena tea – Verveine orange by LEADER PRICE (French budget supermarket range) – Tea of the week w/e 17.10.2010

My dear Tea lovers all around the world!

This weekend I was very happy to spend some time in France with one of my best friends J & her lovely husband & 2 amazing twins! ( & third little Miracle on the way! 🙂 ) . I thought I should then suggest a tea that is indeed from here – France.. There are  indeed many, many  fantastic & healthy plants available in this country of most amazing food! but one deserves our special attention! as it is virtually unheard of 😦 in Great Britain (ok,  virtually .. though   I am very happy to report that verbena plants are known to British gardeners 🙂 as they bloom beautifully and are great meeting spots for bees and butterflies.  One of them, the superbly blossoming Verbena bonariensis has even received the Award of Garden Merit by The Royal Horticultural Society 🙂 . I just hope the queen was also advised on rich and suitable for royals indeed! tea possibilities of its relative V.O. 🙂 ). Verbena is a household name in France, available everywhere in cheapest supermarkets and in various different options (e.g. the one i chose is the orange version of the basic Verbena tea (10 % of added aroma)  from the local version of Asda or Tesco – cheapest at the bottom of the shelf, yet soooo good & healthy! 🙂 )! Oh, when will it happen in the UK that a healthy multifunctional plant waits for us in basic cheapest box version of an everyday tea? for 50 cents per box? 🙂 I chose the leaderprice tea on purpose – of course it could be organic posh verveine tea, but this one is nearly equally good and really available to everyone! so no more excuses to drink bad black tea every day! 🙂 ). Yet for some mysterious reason even though the plant is so easy to grow in a simple pot, and so not fussy at all 🙂 in its cultivation, this magical herb does not make it across the channel and I have to stock my resources when on trips like this one :). Verveine, as the French call it, or VERBENA in English is a group of  some  over 200 species the most famous of which is VERBENA OFFICINALIS or in layman terms COMMON VERBENA 🙂 but sometimes called a “blue verbena” (though this actually refers to its cousin, Verbena hastata)  – a humble little herbal shrub with such broad use and most fantastic qualities that it had been used back in the days of the biblical King Solomon and the Romans!!

Helas, Brits how come you have not yet discovered it and started using in your kitchen, hospitals, and bedroom?!! 🙂

Famous as antidepressant and relaxant (” Verbena strengthens the nervous system whilst relaxing tension and stress. It is used in the treatment of depression and melancholia, particularly following a debilitating illness such as influenza “) most common use nowadays is .. to help you cure hangover 🙂 in a probably most pleasant way as it eases the work of our liver (overcharged by all the sbustances 😉 consumed in sometimes far too big amounts! 😉 , and also ” is a traditional remedy for infected gums and tooth decay, halitosis and tonsillitis” . It has a fresh lemon-minty taste and is a great alternative for sometimes too boring peppermint, not only easing digestion but also cheering us up 🙂 and fighting the blues! 🙂 Especially if you take the orange version – fresh, zesty!, sooo healthy & so helpful! But! Beware.. if you are, like my friend, expecting a Little Joy soon – verbena may induce urine & bleeding, and therefore is not recommended during pregnancy but may be used during labour.

However, do not throw verbena boxes away my dear expecting mothers: you will most likely need verbena after birth: it may stimulate producing milk, relaxes you if you suffer from post natal depression, and can also be a remedy to painful and irregular periods.

There is virtually no limit in the use of this plain and common yes still not widely recognized plant! I hope you dear readers will have an opportunity to taste it & grow so fond of it that, just like me now, it will be a permanent element on your shopping list while on holidays in France!

Enjoy 🙂

PS => Verbena is also an …aphrodisiac ( something that may increase sexual desire or potency) – do you want me to buy you some boxes? :-))

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May Nature do its magic on us & save us from being sick! : Manuka loose leaf immune support tea by Manuka Gold, Tea of The Week w/e 10.10.10

My dear tea connoisseurs,

What a magical date we have today indeed! 10 of the 10th of the (20)10! :). I hope you had indeed a truly magical day today 🙂 .

Well, they say the world around us provides huge ammounts of magic every day! …. IF we are able to keep our eyes open…. 🙂 .  Similarly there’s many miraculous medicines available straight from Mother Nature’s plentiful hand, yet a large percentage of them have been discovered by the wider audience  & recognized by scientists & medical professionals only recently .  One of them is MANUKA HONEY – straight from the purest New Zealands fields 🙂

Honey has been used in medicine for several thousand years: even in Ancient Greece medics knew its antibacterial properties and used it widely for treating wounds and cuts.

However, only a decade of so ago (despite Maori people, native tribesmen of New Zealand, supposedly using it much , much earlier 🙂   well often ‘naivety’ is the biggest wisom! 😉  ), it was proven that honey made from the flowers of the manuka bush has extremely powerful antibacterial properties, way ahead those of all other honeys, thanks to which this fantastic Kiwi remedy  can help in fighting even strong antibiotic resistant bacteria!

The dreaded  or loved globalisation means in practice that you can now buy top secret New Zealand health weapon nearly anywhere in the world, though strict regulations control the labeling of it : from weakest + 5  to super rich (and sadly super expensive) + 30  UMF (= unike manuka factor i.e. the amount of the good antibacterial ingredients in it . Bear  in mind that it is  honey of UMF 10 or higher that indeed beats all other honeys in its medicinal properties; here on the pictures the cheap but yummy & still very good for my health honey of UMF 6+ )

The uses of Manuka honey are… almost unlimited! From supporting your body in the fight with  stomach problems, ulcers, sore throats, heartburn, IBS & preventing & healing colds and flus, it can also be used externally for wounds,  burns, acne , eczemas and more!!  & therefore it is often added to high quality cosmetic products!

A magical & supertasty product indeed! I strongly recommend you read some of the manuka press, a.o. a BBC article from 2004,  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/3787867.stm, or an equally interesting feature in the Telegraph


“Ok, honey, you are writing a lot about HONEY!” you’re thinking now.. but we are on a TEA blog!

Well, manuka is made from flowers.. flowers of the manuka bush.. and the bush has also leaves!which dried and brewed make an excellent very delicate and soothing cup of tea that similarly to its sweet cousin  🙂 helps your body defend itself agains all nasty inflictions that tend to affect us especialy in colder seasons. I must admit – it is a very soft & gentle blend, so if you only drink builders’ tea made of two bags per one glass, you ll need some time to fully appreciate this herbal beverage, but it is more than worth a trial & training your slightly unaccustomed palate :).

Manuka IMMUNE SUPPORT TEA by Manuka Gold is made of the manuka leaf, mixed with peppermint, organic lemon peel and lemongrass whose incredible uses & characteristis we have discussed here last week!

I used to say that i get a cold at least once every three months… and it used to be true! my immune system  being ruined y antibiotics given far too freely and often by perplexed (or just stupid?… ) GP-s in the 80s… Well… I kept saying that until last week when i realised that since I started drinking echinacea tea & extract, and using other unconventional health boosting products, I .. have not been sick since Feb 2009! ( I did not succomb even to the swine flu which took away my flatmate for a week last year! ).  So .. I shall never be cynical again towards alternative therapy and treatment 🙂 & I add manuka tea to the list of products to use regularly especially in autumn & winter when sun is scarce, when stress levels are high, when winds are strong and frequent…. Bacteria! Thou shall not conquer us! Manuka tea & honey (deliciously mixed together…. mmm a super delicate zesty drink mixed with the purest of honeys – …..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm & mmmmm again! 🙂 )  may you protect us for ever!

Yours 🙂


PS If you like Kiwi herbal specialties, you may also want to try Kawakawa tea : another old Maori secret to long and happy healthy life :). For that one though, you’ll have to actually go there & pluck it from the bush yourself… but, for all those landscapes, mountains, lakes and unforgetable NZ accent around, oh  isn’t it so worth it??  🙂


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