Hello 🙂

My name is Maja, and, among other things, I am a tea lover :). I love tasting new teas, reading about tea, learning more about its production, discovering new producers – all about this magical drink that symbolises for many hospitality & tradition, and is indeed like the essense of the culture.  I have collected teas for a while, and at some point had a super large collection of around 300 teas and tisanes from all around the globe that I had to give away due to lack of space & travelling a lot. I also once worked as a tea specialist  for one of the London based tea companies training horeco staff, teaching about teas, and conducting  tea tastings.  On this blog, entirely private & impartial, written for the pure love of tea, I want to share my tips and discoveries with you – other passionate tea tea drinkers.

In my other lives i am a singer/songwriter, actress/model & presenter (see PlanetMaja.com ) and also freelance brand development executive for a renowned brand design agency.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and find something new about one of the world’s most incredible drinks :).


(yes, Slimchick is my real surname i.e. my surname  does sound like ‘slimchick’ in English… true story!:)


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