Let’s celebrate London! “Big Smoke” by Postcard Teas – Tea of the month March 2011

My dearest Tea folk of the world!  🙂

March, March oh March! Here it is, here it came… March!  Already??! I thought the year has barely just began! 🙂 How time flies indeed….  March, oh March – my “waiting month” as I used to call it long time ago, in my teenage years 🙂 , because my birthday happen to be at the very end of it. (Well, with years, I started avoiding that day, rather than anxiously waiting for it… 😉 you get me, right? 😉 The joys of getting older 😉 ) March, oh joyful March! I think everyone could actually call it a “waiting month” because we all are impatiently waiting for Spring! Especially here in London, UK, where sadly there is not much sunshine around through the year :(, (or at least definitely not enough for me :)) and Spring is the time when we can finally, after months of gloom, slowly, day after day, start enjoying London the most 🙂 : in its parks, and cafes, and bridges!(and that sunshine bonanza will hopefully last until October.. ok, I may be a bit too optimistic here 😉 ).  To celebrate London, I chose “Big Smoke” from Postcard Teas as our March 2011 Tea of the month. After weeks of preparation, detox and herbal help, we have deserved a decent cup of strong black tea:

For those of you, my dearest readers, who do not live in London, UK, I would like to add that  apparently the nickname “Big Smoke” is actually also used when referring to  Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver  and Mexico ( though my Aussie housemate was quite surprised to have learned that 🙂 Any of you who can confirm  that “Big Smoke” is indeed a much more internationally used term? ).

And  “Big smoke” tea is such a delicious unique blend of fine Darjeeling with a very special tea from small (100 acre only) Handunugoda estate in the south of Sri Lanka smoked over cinnamon wood that I sincerely hope it can be enjoyed in every city in the world! :).  It may well be the only cinnamon wood smoked tea  in the world 🙂 – a very particular way of processing tea for this fabulous blend  gives it a very strong smoky sweet taste and aroma. Truly superb infusion!  Gives me a great ‘kick’ at the start of a March day right before my walk along London busy streets 🙂 !

Enjoy! 🙂



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  1. So pleased you like this unusual smoky tea. We thought the name suited the tea which has a strong smoky aroma but a sweet smooth taste due to the cinnamon wood which it is smoked over.

    • Hello Tim! thank you for visiting my blog and your comments! yes i very much enjoy Big Smoke 🙂 it’s a very unique tea indeed!

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