After stresses of winter let’s DETOX & get some ‘Tranquility’ :) – Tea of the month February 2011 – by Yumchaa

My dear Tea Drinkers All Around the World 🙂

After months of cold and wind and darkness and very miserable, sad, gloomy weather, finally , in mid February, we can smile to some tiny shy rays of  sunshine 🙂 outside & enjoy some warmer days! 🙂  – in the UK that is;  yet i hope those of you, my dear readers, who are outside the UK i.e. in Poland, France, Russia, China, USA etc  – well, hopefully all around the world 🙂   can also despite a perhaps colder climate zone, enjoy some warmer sunny days & some beginnings of Spring 🙂

(and those of you in the tropics – I hope you’ll enjoy our star Tea of the month served as ice tea : ))

Spring, spring, spring! And oh what many joys it can bring:) :  sunshine, laughter, lighter coats, more smiles, more days outside, more fun outside.  February is the month of transition: cold is still with us, but days are longer, sunshine visits us more often, flower buds start to appear: timidly, through remains of snow, despite cold wind, but still we can see around us tiny  signposts of new season and new life. However, to truly  and fully  enjoy Spring  we need to prepare our winter-tired organisms. One of the  best ways to do it is to DETOX them   &  get rid of remains of our Christmas / New Year binging :).

Any type of tea is good for detoxing because any tea (from the tea plant, camellia sinensis, that is) contains a lot of antioxidants that help us fight free radicals in our bodies (see our January post for more pictorial explanation 🙂 of that phenomenon ). White tea is the least processed form of tea: the buds ( mixed with leaves in lowest grades of white tea) are only dried in the sun, rather than steamed or fired to stop the oxidation process, and so white tea is believed by many to contain the least amount of caffeine  (even though, of course, it all depends and some white teas can have as much caffeine as some green teas…). As it is rich in antioxidants, and gentle in taste 🙂 white tea is a fantastic detox help :). That’s why, for February Tea I chose Yumchaa’s Tranquility:  White tea Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) mixed with camomile, lavender and lemon grass.

It will not only help you ‘clean up’  internally 🙂 after winter, but also thanks to its herbal ingredients. In some previous posts I listed the most fantastic properties of lemongrass. This time I would like to focus on LAVENDER: We know it from our grandma’s gardens, and from washing powder advertisements on TV. Yet, do we make the most of this humble shrub present in our households for centuries? Lavender is famous for its relaxation properties: it is often used in aromatherapy to treat insomnia, anxiety, and stress related ailments. However, many forget that it can also help in the cases of … flatulence 🙂  as it helps to fight upset stomach, colic, and bowel infections. Similarly to lemon grass (often called ‘ fevergrass’) lavender can alleviate colds, bronchitis, fever or other ailments of the respiratory system. Lavender vinegar (yes, vinegar! I know, I also thought I knew all about the ubiquitous lavender :), and yet…)  is great for a massage ( rheumatic pain ) and  also, thanks to its antiseptic qualities, can serve as a natural spot treatment for blemishes.  Lavender tea can also be  used as a hair rinse to stop hair loss & fight dandruff. But (sadly there nearly always has to be a ‘but’) beware if you are pregnant or breastfeeding: some sources suggest that lavender extract can cause harm to your unborn baby, so just in case, if you can, try to avoid it. It is also not recommended for people suffering from hypertension, or those who happen to be allergic to lavender oil (it may happen indeed…).  I personally think that probably only large quantities of lavender, or any other supposedly harmful plant can indeed be harmful, but it is always better to be careful, and safe, than sorry. (On that note, one useful link for all pregnant ladies among tea lovers is – as you can see lavender is not mentioned here, but some other sources suggested it may indeed cause harm to your precious miracle waiting to be born).

If you would like to find out even more about the most sensational, known yet undiscovered Miss  Lavender  🙂 I recommend clicking on

And for those in warmer hemispheres, do bear in mind that white tea has long been believed to have a cooling effect  🙂 both in  its hot and ice form :).  Therefore,  I truly hope that, our Tea of the Month, my dear Tea  readers, will be cherished and enjoyed irrespective of where you are :). (check out to buy some ‘Tranquility’) .



PS. Some good high-street detox ‘near-equivalent’ or “Tranquility” is Twinings “Morning Detox” ( around 2£ for 20 bags of lemon verbena (see last year’s teas of the week), lime flowers, milk thistle, peppermint and liquorice root. To be avoided in pregnancy.

And when no one can see you, in the secrecy of your hot bath, after hours of detoxation, do try Teapigs’ Chocolate flake tea –  we all need to ‘sin’ every now and then :).


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