May Nature do its magic on us & save us from being sick! : Manuka loose leaf immune support tea by Manuka Gold, Tea of The Week w/e 10.10.10

My dear tea connoisseurs,

What a magical date we have today indeed! 10 of the 10th of the (20)10! :). I hope you had indeed a truly magical day today 🙂 .

Well, they say the world around us provides huge ammounts of magic every day! …. IF we are able to keep our eyes open…. 🙂 .  Similarly there’s many miraculous medicines available straight from Mother Nature’s plentiful hand, yet a large percentage of them have been discovered by the wider audience  & recognized by scientists & medical professionals only recently .  One of them is MANUKA HONEY – straight from the purest New Zealands fields 🙂

Honey has been used in medicine for several thousand years: even in Ancient Greece medics knew its antibacterial properties and used it widely for treating wounds and cuts.

However, only a decade of so ago (despite Maori people, native tribesmen of New Zealand, supposedly using it much , much earlier 🙂   well often ‘naivety’ is the biggest wisom! 😉  ), it was proven that honey made from the flowers of the manuka bush has extremely powerful antibacterial properties, way ahead those of all other honeys, thanks to which this fantastic Kiwi remedy  can help in fighting even strong antibiotic resistant bacteria!

The dreaded  or loved globalisation means in practice that you can now buy top secret New Zealand health weapon nearly anywhere in the world, though strict regulations control the labeling of it : from weakest + 5  to super rich (and sadly super expensive) + 30  UMF (= unike manuka factor i.e. the amount of the good antibacterial ingredients in it . Bear  in mind that it is  honey of UMF 10 or higher that indeed beats all other honeys in its medicinal properties; here on the pictures the cheap but yummy & still very good for my health honey of UMF 6+ )

The uses of Manuka honey are… almost unlimited! From supporting your body in the fight with  stomach problems, ulcers, sore throats, heartburn, IBS & preventing & healing colds and flus, it can also be used externally for wounds,  burns, acne , eczemas and more!!  & therefore it is often added to high quality cosmetic products!

A magical & supertasty product indeed! I strongly recommend you read some of the manuka press, a.o. a BBC article from 2004,, or an equally interesting feature in the Telegraph

“Ok, honey, you are writing a lot about HONEY!” you’re thinking now.. but we are on a TEA blog!

Well, manuka is made from flowers.. flowers of the manuka bush.. and the bush has also leaves!which dried and brewed make an excellent very delicate and soothing cup of tea that similarly to its sweet cousin  🙂 helps your body defend itself agains all nasty inflictions that tend to affect us especialy in colder seasons. I must admit – it is a very soft & gentle blend, so if you only drink builders’ tea made of two bags per one glass, you ll need some time to fully appreciate this herbal beverage, but it is more than worth a trial & training your slightly unaccustomed palate :).

Manuka IMMUNE SUPPORT TEA by Manuka Gold is made of the manuka leaf, mixed with peppermint, organic lemon peel and lemongrass whose incredible uses & characteristis we have discussed here last week!

I used to say that i get a cold at least once every three months… and it used to be true! my immune system  being ruined y antibiotics given far too freely and often by perplexed (or just stupid?… ) GP-s in the 80s… Well… I kept saying that until last week when i realised that since I started drinking echinacea tea & extract, and using other unconventional health boosting products, I .. have not been sick since Feb 2009! ( I did not succomb even to the swine flu which took away my flatmate for a week last year! ).  So .. I shall never be cynical again towards alternative therapy and treatment 🙂 & I add manuka tea to the list of products to use regularly especially in autumn & winter when sun is scarce, when stress levels are high, when winds are strong and frequent…. Bacteria! Thou shall not conquer us! Manuka tea & honey (deliciously mixed together…. mmm a super delicate zesty drink mixed with the purest of honeys – …..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm & mmmmm again! 🙂 )  may you protect us for ever!

Yours 🙂


PS If you like Kiwi herbal specialties, you may also want to try Kawakawa tea : another old Maori secret to long and happy healthy life :). For that one though, you’ll have to actually go there & pluck it from the bush yourself… but, for all those landscapes, mountains, lakes and unforgetable NZ accent around, oh  isn’t it so worth it??  🙂

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  1. Great blog.

    I’m currently sipping a large cup of this stuff, its very delicate and lovely.

    I’m a newcomer to the world of Tea (other than PG), and have just started drinking Oolong and White Tea and have also tried some herbal cleansing ones Nettle, Milk Thistle and Spearmint.

    I have to say I have been converted I LOVE TEA! REAL Tea, a Tetley tea bag simply will not do. I’m even carrying individually packed tea bags in my bag, so I can have a cup of my favourite beverage at friends houses 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your blogs 🙂 Keep up the good work. xx

    • Dear Michele! thank you for trying out our Tea and your comment! Very sorry for such a late reply 😦 caused by me being overworked & then my back injury. But we ‘re back in 2011! and i hope you will enjoy tasting our future Teas of the Month 🙂 Stay tea-uned 🙂

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