Refreshing, yummy & good for the tummy :-) “Organic White Tea – sweet citrus” by Good Earth – Tea of the week w/e 26th Sep 2010

Sep 26th 2010

Hello hello Tea Drinkers United! 🙂

We’re back!!

So many tea stories to share, so many cups drunk since last post… (apologies once again for the break – sadly life sometimes changes our plans & butts in without asking! but we’re back and all ok and ready to post more, & more  &  more about some  very exciting TEA-S!:-)  )

This week, in my tiny attempt to promote WHITE TEA among my readers 🙂  (and let’s be clear –  by ‘white tea’  i do not! mean the black cuppa of PG with milk & sugar  ! not at all ! 🙂 ), i chose another supermarket available combination of this most subtle of all tea-s  i.e. organic white tea (over 50%)  (more on white tea and its properties on the blog post this week;  i’m trying to confirm which white tea was used for this blend – please bear with me! when i wait for Good Earth’s response!) mixed here with organic lemongrass & lime flowers (that’s where all the freshness comes from! mmmm….:-) ), organic camomile, rosehips & jasmine green tea.

Apart from yummy taste of the Good Earth White tea ‘Sweet Citrus’, I really like their presentation 🙂 Tea bags are individually wrapped, with lovely butterfly on the cover and a nice message on the ‘handle’ of each bag: “Share me – Put me in a pot with 2 other bags and invite some friends around”. I could not agree more! 🙂

White tea has reportedly the least amount of caffeine from all teas (though some green teas can have even less, & the finer white tea it is , the more caffeine-ated it will be), and therefore you can enjoy it even quite late during the day after 6-7 pm, making the most of its antioxidants & enjoying its very light, subtle, gentle, delicate taste.

For those of you who have heard of health benefits of green tea, yet have not particularly liked its bitterness ( depends on the time of brewing, variety etc – more on it when i write about green teas very soon! ), white tea is a perfect choice! no bitterness at all, yet all the renowned qualities of tea! & it has even  more (than green tea) of amino acid theanine (= relaxing and mood enhancing properties). How could you say NO? 🙂

One useful tip to remember: Majority of experts remind that white teas should always be steeped in water no hotter than 70-80 C degrees for approximately 4-5 minutes (though if you are fine tea drinker, you may decide sometimes to let it brew longer & develop the aroma! 🙂 ) . If you pour boiling water over its delicate buds, you scold them 😦 ruining the very special brewing/ steeping process  and causing bitterness. Always leave the boiled water for 3-6 minutes, ( or use a termometer, if possible) until it cools down a bit!

Enjoy 🙂


PS => I am still waiting for GOOD EARTH to confirm which white tea they used for this nice fresh blend, but I just discovered on their website that they use “the spring crop in the Fujian province in China” . My suspicion is it’s pai mu tan, but I’ll let you know once i know more :-).

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