Not as bad as you think it is, actually quite good! & …tasty :-)) NETTLE & Peppermint organic tea (bags), by Clipper Teas UK

Tue 3rd Aug 2010

Hello Dear Fellow Tea maniacs:)

Today we chose another Tea of the week 🙂 “Nettle & Peppermint” by Clipper Teas, UK.

Nettle?, you’re thinking.. this nasty pricky weed you keep wishing god had never created.. in your tea? and why? and how?

Well, my dear tea-lover-readers 🙂 nettles are actually a big blessing! (and btw these amazing multifunctional plants have the much hated tiny ‘thorns’ to protect themselves from some rude forest intruders,  and it is said that if not for these stingy thorns, nettles would have disappeared long ago! so – blessed be the prickle bits!  which also, btw2 are said to reduce rheumatic pains, so once again: toast for the stinging sensation 🙂 ).

I probably do not have to ennumarate here the wonderful & well known qualities of peppermint: it eases digestion, is said to help in fighting the very nasty IBS & …also neutralises any unpleasant mouth odours with menthol it  so helpfully contains :).  Nettle however seems not to have been discovered  or rather sadly forgotten (Ceasar held nettles in such esteem that it is a known fact he brought them from England to Italy on one of his conquests) by tea enthusiasts, even though it is proven to have oh yes far more to offer both as an edible salad/soup plant, (yes!! salad and soup ingredient, you read well!) and  a fantastic tea ingredient! 🙂 .

Most important of the good stuff that nettles have are flavanoids (i.e. antioxidants, which we can also find in other teas, so known such as  e.g. green and rooibos tea), iron and Vitamin C. It is therefore recommended to drink nettle tea and nettle infusions to fight colds, chest pains (to decongest you), & bacterial infections as nettle’s iron strengthens the immune system.  Our tea of the week can to be very beneficial when you suffer from anemia, hayfever, (something for now :-), and diabetis as it helps in decreasing the blood sugar level. Nettle juice may help in regulating blood pressure.  What is more known perhaps is that nettle tea has diuretic properties ( i just had to use that word – isn’t it amazing ? DIURETIC 🙂  ) which in layman terms means: it helps you to… pee 🙂 i.e.  it eases the work of our urinary system 🙂 , thus support cleansing the body 🙂 and eliminating spots and other skin problems.

I personally love! having a cup of nettle ( & peppermint 🙂 )  tea  in the evening, after a long and tiresome day / week  to help my body prepare for sleep and cleanse out from my system all the toxic add-ons accumulated throughout the day. But beware if you have never ever tried it: start moderately! and refrain yourself from this wonderful infusion if you … are expecting a child or plan to expect in the near future 🙂 Nettle tea is even believed to regulare menstruation  (help in excessive bleeding, thanks to iron it contains) but also even stimulate it!

Our Tea of the week, Clipper Tea contains organic grown leaves of pepperming  &  the very common stinging nettle. Yes, bags are so efficient and easy to use! but you can also very easily prepare your own fresh cup of nettle tea –  just make sure you pick the clean ones! I’  m sure you’ ll find many nettles in your vicinity 🙂 . This little video shows what a simple task indeed it is: Though i would add one thing: make sure you steep it for at least 10 minutes! Some suggest that in that way you can get rid of ALL the stinginess 🙂 . Children will probably love it even more 🙂 as nettle tea changes colour when added a slice of lemon: from dark green-ish to bright happy pink-ish 🙂 .


So next time you see nettles by the side of the road, will you jump on them trying to eradicate them from the face of our planet (like you normally always would…i know, i did it too 🙂 ) … or will you pick some to be amazed by its tea’s changing colours & even more valuable qualities? I hope  from now on you chose the latter :).

Petal 🙂

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